MMEC faculty have been certified by Microsoft, as “ MICROSOFT INNOVATIVE EDUCATOR” . Microsoft is world leader in Software. The faculty underwent rigorous training for 22 days followed by tests , assignments and practical components.

Totally 20 faculty members succeeded in the training and earning the prestigious certification by Microsoft. The various innovative digital and pedagogical tools for the 21st century were taught to the faculty like MST,Lycee connect, Channel formation, Sychronous & Asynchronous teaching, etc. In view of total Digital Transformation of the campus, the faculty are now well equipped with the strategies for Blended and Hybrid Learning.

It is necessary for the faculty to embrace latest digital technology. The institute has provided all the faculty with laptops and digital equipments. The certification is a credible acknowledgement for a teacher.

Dr. Smt. Rajshree Nagraju said that the Management is supporting the implementation of NEP 2020 and hence all classrooms are now digitalized and students are also provided with laptops so that they can practice the practicals and software programming at home also. The campus is 24×7 learning campus.

Prof. Anuj Deshpande, Head of Hybrid Learning coordinated the 22 days workshop.


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