Life and education have always remained together. The purpose of education is to make life happier. When life becomes dynamic, education has to become dynamic to serve the purpose. Any environmental change that may be geographical, political, historical or religious it changes both life and education.

As physical education has remained the part of education, it has also changed according to the needs of life. Most primary Physical Education was to hunt, to chase, to throw, run as man was used to chase animals in his primitive life, now those activities have taken a form of athletics as running, jumping and throwing.


  • Pankaj Rutkute won Gold & silver Medal in “Best Physique & Power Lifting” in 15th VTU single zone Inter-collegiate Weight lifting, Power lifting(MEN) & Best Physique (MEN) championship,2014-15 which was held at Nitte college of Engineering, Bangalore from 21st to 23rd Sept 2014.
  • Vinayak Angadi selected for VTU Bangalore North zone Cricket selection Trials held at Reva institute of technology & management, from 26th to 27th Sept 2014.
  • Our college Football, Basketball & Volleyball team participated in “Colleseum 14”,which was held at GIT, Belgaum from 9th to 11th Oct.
  • Vijay Pujari has secured Third place in Wrestling-60Kg Inter-collegiate Inter zone tournament held at KLS VDRIT, Haliyal from 17th to 19th Oct 2014.
  • Our College students participated in 17th VTU Inter-Collegiate Athletic Meet 2014-15 held at VTU, Belgaum from 5th to 8th Nov 2014.
  • Official to Contact: Mr. MAHARUDRAPPA GUGGARI, Sports in-charge


M.P.Ed (KUD)

Physical Director