Collection of books used for reading or study, or the building or room in which such a collection is kept.


The Library at Maratha Mandal Engineering College, Belagavi was established in 1997. MMEC Chairman and Maratha Mandal Engineering College Principal have taken keen interest in establishing this Library to give the networked Library facility to the faculty members, staff and students, to get the best available information for research and reference.

The Library working hours are from 09:00am to 05:00pm. This Library is totally 2879.26Sqft area. Started with 15 Computers with online Journals and Books for reference. Now this library is connected to the Broad Band connection of BSNL Leased line 12 Mbps which is the fastest internet campus.

Latest Books in Mechanical, Electronics & Communication Eng, Computer Science & Eng, Robotics & AI, and General Books were also added for the reference of the needy staff and students. 500 CD ROM’s of latest text Books are also made available for users.

At present there are more than 26,329 Books and, Online Journals IEEE, Springer, Elsevier Sci, Taylor & Francis, ASCE ProQuest Engg and Knibbus Digital Library are available. So daily more than 20 staffs and 150 students are making use of this Library regularly for retrieval of latest information.



Message From Librarian

The Library and Information Centre is the heart of the academic Centre at Maratha Mandal Engineering College Belagavi. It has been designed to meet the information needs of the undergraduates, postgraduate, research scholars, faculty and staff members of MMEC. It has a collection of over 26329 Volumes and 4464 titles that supplement the teaching, research and development of Institution. The demands of the ever-growing research areas multiple disciplines is being catered with the help of latest volumes, in almost all fields Engineering, Science, Technology, Management and General areas.

            The Library has membership to VTU Consortium and AICTE Consortium for E-Resources. It has subscribed 7000+ National and International peer reviewed e-Journals access through Elsevier, Springer, Emrald, Knimbus, Taylor and Francis, Sententia database. It has also access to 24000+ e-Books from Springer, Elsevier. There is IP based and unlimited access to all E-Resources for its users. The Library enabled cloud based remote access service to all VTU-Consortium E-Resources for faculties and research scholars of MMEC.

            MMEC every department has departmental library, the Library has a seating capacity for 150 people. The Library is fully automated using eGranthalaya 3.0 Library Management Software and Library activities are completely automated. Library collections can be accessed online. The Library offer many services to our patrons like Automated Circulation System, Online Public Access Catalogue, Database Orientation, Inter Library Loan Facility and News Paper Clipping and Selective Dissemination of Information etc.


Library Staff

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Mrs. Jyoti Basavant Ghugretkar


Ms.Smita S. Hulaji, Library Asst.1

Mrs. Smita Hulaji

Library Assistant


Anil Bandage