About Us:

MMEC Alumni cell serves as a bridge between the institution and its former students, fostering a lifelong connection. It aims to maintain and strengthen relationships with alumni, keeping them engaged through various events, networking opportunities, and communication channels. We often organizes career guidance sessions, mentorship programs, and reunions to facilitate interaction and support between current students and graduates. Alumni cell also gather feedback and insights from alumni to improve academic programs and overall institutional development. Ultimately, the cell plays a vital role in nurturing a thriving and interconnected community of past and present members associated with us.

Alumni Association Members

  1. Mr.Revansiddappa H, President
  2. Mrs Swati Shailesh Patil, Vice President
  3. Mr.Yogesh Patil, Secretary
  4. Mr.Nagesh Vandre, Executive Member
  5. Mr.Vinayak Mule, Executive Member
  6. Ms Sonal Pawar , Executive Member
  7. Mrs Sandhya Bevoor , Executive Member
  8. Mr Anant Ghadi , Executive Member

Alumni Registration