Applied Science

Applied science is the use of the scientific method and knowledge obtained via conclusions from the method to attain practical goals. It includes a broad range of disciplines of engineering.


The Department of Applied Sciences, strives to provide the best learning in the Undergraduate Engineering Program. We are producing, engineering leaders who will solve the problems of the new century, fostering scientific inquiry but never losing sight of its human implications. The Department’s programs and activities are designed to produce well-educated engineers who can put their knowledge to work for society. Through a synergy of teaching and research, we seek to educate a distinguished cadre of leaders in applied science, who will thrive in an atmosphere of recently emerging technologies excellent learning facilities are provided to the students. The department facilitates Physics Laboratory, Chemistry Laboratory, CAD/CAM Laboratory, CCP Laboratory, a Basic Workshop etc.



Message From Head Of Department

The objective of the department of the applied science is to inspire the students to have a strong background in basic science for the engineering curriculum and to nourish the budding engineers with fine aspects of science, which make them to understand, explore, innovate and contribute to society. The department has well qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty members and supporting staff. The subjects taught by department faculty are Physics and Chemistry. Students are blessed with spacious and well-equipped Physics and Chemistry and various other Laboratories.

Prof. Santosh Dharnatti 



Teaching Staff

Prof. Santosh Dharnatti

M.Sc, M.Phil

Assistant Professor & HOD


Dr.Anantnag V Kulkarni, HOD& Assistant Professor, Ph.D,LMISTE

Dr. Anantnag.V. K


Assistant Professor

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Dr. Praveen U. Devangad

M.Sc, Ph.D


Assistant Professor


Dr. K S Naik

M.Sc, Ph.D


Professor(Visiting Faculty)

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Prof. Shridhar Dharmatti

B.Com, LLB(Spl)

Assistant Professor(Visiting Faculty)

Prof.Sudha Patil, Assistant Professor, M.Sc

Prof. Sudha.K. Patil


Assistant Professor

Prof. Rekha Jadhav


Assistant Professor(Visiting Faculty)

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Assistant Professor


Prof. Shruti M Jadhav


Assistant Professor(Visiting Faculty)

Technical Staff


Mr. Shivaji Patil

Lab Instructor