Plethora 2022 : Two-Wheeler Maintenance and Automobile Engine Disassembly and Assembly Workshop

Plethora is an engine assembly and disassembly workshop that comprises of training and tutoring students with the help of live automobile engines that includes both 2-wheeler, Petrol engines.

Plethora 2022 was conducted with great euphoria and enthusiasm on 26th of May 2022 with energetic participation of One hundred forty participants from in and around Belagavi region.  The event was organized by MMEC, Department of Mechanical Engineering. The event was graced by Chief Guest Mr. Sanjeev Inamdar, Dr. D. G. Kulkarni, Principal MMEC, Dr. S. S. Mashyal, Vice-Principal MMEC and Head of Mechanical Engineering Department.                                              

Conduction of the Event

The One-day event was conducted in order to enlighten the students about the working of IC engines and the give them the hands-on experience of assembling and disassembling different engines. The event was divided in two sessions in which the morning session comprised of the mechanics disassembling the engine and explaining the different components to the students with basic tutoring and learning process. The second session of the event comprised of the students themselves handling the engines and working on them which was basically to involve them from a practical standpoint. The students were made to understand the value of teamwork and co-ordination.

The second part of the session also comprised of and additional student self-help event on maintenance of two-wheelers. This involved the technicians disassembling a live two-wheeler in the presence of the students and tutoring them about what actions can be taken when their own two-wheeler goes in for a breakdown. The technicians discussed about common technical two-wheeler issues like things to be done when the vehicle abruptly halts, when the person has lost his keys and when the vehicle has a flat tire. Also, technicians discussed about the periodic maintenance of the two-wheelers includes, carburetor tune-up, air-filter clean-up, spark plug cleaning, chain tension setting, brakes settings, clutch settings, valve setting, factors influencing the mileage etc.

Engines and Technicians for the event

The engines employed in the Plethora 2022 event were four single-cylinders, 2-stroke engines of Kawasaki Boxer, LML Freedom, Bajaj Super, IND Suzuki. Three Technicians were invited to help train the students who got the students involved, trained and tutored them.

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